Do any of these growth blockers
sound familiar?



Misaligned incentives. Overwhelming power of the existing business. A focus on near-term success. Silos. Losing touch with customers. Fear of failure. It’s no one’s job. Growth projects don’t get big enough, fast enough. A fear of unpredictable results. No career benefit.

If they do, you are not alone. In a recent PwC survey of 1,200 executives in 44 countries, fully 72% of them said that they are not out-innovating their competitors. Research by Richard Foster finds that the average time for a company to remain in the S&P 500 has declined precipitously. In 1958, a company that made the list could expect to remain there for 61 years. Today, it’s down to 18 years.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Innovation is not a mysterious black box.

Discovery Driven Growth, as the name implies, positions your organization to discover its future and revitalize its present. At the core is Discovery Driven Planning, a powerful tool for any significant strategic undertaking that is fraught with uncertainty.

While the disciplines of discovery driven growth are different from those you might use in a less uncertain situation, the key point is that they are disciplines. They can be learned and applied repeatedly. You can become more proficient at using them, and demonstrably improve the outcomes of your innovation efforts.

The ImpactDDG Consortium is designed, not as a teaching program as much as a skill-building program. Your growth catalysts will not only learn the frameworks and concepts that help to create higher levels of innovation proficiency; they will develop mastery at using them.

Impact DDG is a strategic change initiative designed to deliver real business value beyond the hype.

It’s about developing new organizational capabilities with your own talent rather than creating ongoing dependency on traditional providers.