What’s Different?

Although this process achieves similar outcomes to a consulting engagement, it is designed to be more flexible and affordable than a typical consulting project. It’s also distinct from what you get from executive education or training programs. This program has been designed to be protective of people’s time, yet intense enough that participants will take away the benefits and knowledge from the lessons and put them to immediate, use as they learn – within the timeframe of one year.


Who Should Attend?

This is particularly useful from the context of a large organization. We’re not going to soak up a lot of senior executive time for the face to face sessions. And, we’re not focused on one specific project. We’ve created a comprehensive program where you can bring different kinds of projects and issues into the community and work on them - for real. By requiring only four 2-day face-to-face meetings over the course of a year, this commitment won’t dilute your people’s ability, meaning you can afford to send some of your most valued talent.

The right participants are growth catalysts – senior people tasked with a growth mandate, whose success has powerful leverage effects.

 Are there any added advantages?

As part of the IMPACT DDG cohort, you’ll get first-look and access to proprietary software. We are currently developing a series of tools to bring Discovery Driven Growth techniques to life and you’ll be the first to learn how to use them in support of your Discovery Driven Growth initiatives.

How can we sign up?

Through our selection process, we’ll identify up to fifteen non-competing firms whose cohorts will make a commitment to this year-long series.